Aug 242010


Merethis has released Centreon 2.1.9
The update is very simple:

cd /usr/local/src
sudo wget
sudo tar -xzf centreon-2.1.9.tar.gz
cd centreon-2.1.9
sudo ./ -u /etc/centreon

After accepting the license, simply answer yes to all the questions you’ll see.

When finished, connect to the web interface and follow the “NEXT, NEXT, NEXT” steps.

It’s finished.

Here are the changes since 2.1.8:

## Centreon 2.1.9

=> fix: change heartbeat for RRDTool databases
=> fix: remove problem with js and topology (can cause problem with pause button in the monitoring)
=> fix: remove special char problem in object descriptions
=> fix: remove issue when acknownledging a service (#1731) => remove problem with / in centcore when user send external command to pollers
=> fix: Improve sql request in monitoring
=> fix: remove issue with PEAR upgrade during upgrade step
=> fix: accepte % in metric name
=> fix: remove problem with # in host or service name in the monitoring
=> fix: add rules checks for meta service form
=> fix: remove a warning in centstorage
=> fix: fix error with snmp version field in host template configuration
=> enhancement: Update prototype lib.