Dec 072010


Merethis has released Centreon 2.1.10
The update is very simple:

cd /usr/local/src
sudo wget
sudo tar -xzf centreon-2.1.10.tar.gz
cd centreon-2.1.10
sudo ./ -u /etc/centreon

After accepting the license, simply answer yes to all the questions you’ll see.

When finished, connect to the web interface and follow the “NEXT, NEXT, NEXT” steps.

It’s finished.

Here are the changes since 2.1.9:

## Centreon 2.1.10

=> fix: Tactical Overview : Unhandled problems shows services in scheduled downtime
=> fix: Problem with pagination in services problems pages
=> fix: Host check_command from Host-Template – inheritance problem
=> fix: Problem with hosts and Services with “\” not shown for user with ACL
=> fix: Command : “Re-schedule the next check for this service” not working
=> fix: Specials chars in quicksearch
=> fix: check_meta_service not taking NDO port into account
=> fix: hierarchy view in menus access interface
=> fix: Wrong parsing of regexp character in arguments
=> fix: Media upload error by Centreon Version 2.1.9
=> fix: HTML entities not decoded in ACL lists
=> fix: When monitoring is refreshed the selection is not kept
=> fix: Massive change in Users replace some fileds that I don’t want
=> fix: Generate unactivated services linked to servicegroups
=> fix: Generate unactivated contacts linked to services