May 262011


I don’t know if you have curiosity to look at your log files. I rencetly launch this command :

tail -f /usr/local/centreon/log/centstorage.log

and I’ve received something like

26/5/2011 22:06:28 - ERROR while updating /var/lib/centreon/metrics/2510.rrd at 1306440385 -> 1 : /var/lib/centreon/metrics/2510.rrd: illegal attempt to update using time 1306440385 when last update time is 1306440385 (minimum one second step)

The problem is how to identify which service is concerned by 2510.rrd ?

Here is how you could point it.

Log into your mysql server:

mysql -u root -p mysqlcentaccess01

PS: use your own credentials if they are different.

Once your are in mysql:

use StoreDB;
select host_name, service_description from metrics, index_data where index_id = id and metric_id = 2510;

This will produce something like:

| host_name           | service_description |
| ACT-Centreon-Server | Proc-centstorage    |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

In this case, the incriminated service is Proc-centstorage on ACT-Centreon-Server host.

Now it’s up to you to investigate why.