Sep 232011


I’m designing for a customer his new Citrix XenApp 6 farm.
I was wondering why the user’s explorer view was not saved when the user reconnects between servers.
Unfortunately for me, it was the first time I did not use a profile manager under Windows 2008 for managing profiles (Citrix Profile Manager, Appsense, Tricerat and so on). After searching on internet, I discovered that it was something introduced by Microsoft since Windows Vista (It concerns only roaming profiles).

Citrix Profile management is a feature available for XenApp Enterprise and Platinum editions and XenDesktop Advanced, Enterprise and Platinum editions and guess what we use the XenApp advanced edition 🙂

So if you are facing this problem and you care about your explorer view settings under Terminal Server or Citrix then use at least the Enterprise edition for Citrix or use a dedicated software.