Dec 162012


Using XenApp with PVS is very easy and you could even use it for your Data Collector role too. If you are planing to use your DC for an external access, it could be problematic as your STA ID will be unique.

For now the XenApp prep feature did not change this ID and of you did noting to correct that, you maybe facing this kind of error message:

To avoid that, the easiest way is to change it during the boot. Here are the steps to achieve that:

  • Modify your gold image and set “Citrix XML Service” with a delayed start
  • Copy the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\system32\Ctxsta.config” on another location. (I usually use my D drive which holds my Edgesight data)
  • Modify the copied “Ctxsta.config” file and change the entry UID=STAxxxxxxxxxxx with UID=STAcomputername (I prefer to use the computer name as it produced much more explicit error message).
  • Create a GPO for Data Collectors and add a script in “Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Scripts/Startup”. The Script should look like something like that:
@timeout 60
@del "C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\system32\CtxSta.config"
@copy "D:\Citrix\Netscaler\CtxSta.config" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\system32\CtxSta.config"
@net stop ctxhttp
@net start ctxhttp

The timeout is very important as in my case, every modification done before 45 seconds will not be effective.

I hope next version of XenApp prep will also change this file too.

Edit: This concern XenApp 6 (not the 6.5) and normally XenApp prep should change the CtxSta.config file but in my case this didn’t work.