May 262011


I don’t know if you have curiosity to look at your log files. I rencetly launch this command :

tail -f /usr/local/centreon/log/centstorage.log

and I’ve received something like

26/5/2011 22:06:28 - ERROR while updating /var/lib/centreon/metrics/2510.rrd at 1306440385 -> 1 : /var/lib/centreon/metrics/2510.rrd: illegal attempt to update using time 1306440385 when last update time is 1306440385 (minimum one second step)

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May 232010

This time, we will try to migrate our centreon solution from our previous Ubuntu 8.04 LTS to our new Ubuntu 10.04 LTS edition (It should work for other version too).
To do that, you should have the same centreon version on both side (for database scheme compatibility).
I use the same IP address for my both servers (it’s for a complete replacement)

Backup your Ubuntu 8.04 LTS solution

sudo service nagios stop
sudo service centstorage stop
sudo /usr/local/centreon/cron/purgeCentstorage
sudo service centcore stop
sudo service ndo2db stop

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